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Used Roku -factory reset and link to your account

You've just bought a used Roku player. Congratulations! But wait, the former owner left it linked to their account and all their old channels are still on it.
Time to wipe that box clean and give it a fresh start!
I bet they didn't keep the manuals for it, those jerks.
a great place to get really detailed info is in the place made for roku instructions, by roku: roku support

But if you just need a quick and dirty guide a fresh start, read on.
make sure you have a few minutes for this because while the reset only takes a minute, setting the box up to your specifications and adding your channels might take a little bit of time.
you will also need to be able to get your roku and a computer online at the same time for about 2 minutes at one point in the process.

and when you make your first account you will need to set it up with a method of payment, even if you only plan to use free channels. it's ok. they take paypal or you can put a credit card on there and remove it later. if your creditor offers a one time use card number [controlled payment number] with limited access, you can do that too. ask your lender if it's an option. if you really cannot handle putting a payment method on file, call roku customer service during their business hours and ask a representative for help setting up an account without that step.

part one: factory reset

step 1: sit in front of the TV with the box plugged in and TV on. or stand, your choice

step 2: press the "home" button on the roku to make sure you are on the right screen. it's the one with the picture of a house on it.

step 3: go to the left in the home screen menu until you get to the purple box with a picture of two little gears that says "Settings"

step 4: enter "Settings" by pressing the "ok button on your Roku remote.

step 5: scroll through the settings options [left to right on original and roku1's, down on roku2's] until you get to "Factory reset"

step 6: are you ready? then select "Factory reset"

yay! your previously owned Roku is now ready to be customized to YOUR specifications

part two: connecting to your network

step 1: back to the settings menu- choose network.

step 2: use the prompts in the menu to connect to your internet. i can't walk you through this part because i don't know how your network is set up. wired, wireless, broadcasting SSID or not, encrypted? that's all you. just get it connected before you try the next part.

part three: your roku account

step 1:

step 2: once you've created your account, and are signed in, go to the "My Account" page and scroll to the bottom. on the right side should be a button that says "link a player" - select this

step 3: you'll need the serial number for your roku because in this step you enter the serial number on the account and the account and roku talk to each other for a minute until they are connected

congratulations! you now have your roku linked to your account and you can add your channels to your tastes.
this is also the time to fiddle with your settings in the setting menu for things like time zone, screensaver on/off, audio mode, display type, etc.

welcome to roku and have fun!


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